I was invited to Breda (NL), to take part in Outsider Exhibition. I created this 3 Colours Silkscreen Artwork, which I printed there in a workshop before the show. During the printing I was honored to be with Pakito Bolino et Caroline Sury among the others great artists belong to Le Denier Cri. The event was organized by IDFX anRaaf in and interesting place Electron, in the city of Breda. Target was to show the interface between moving images and the printed static image. All the works of art present are surrounded by the bizar work of the French collective Le Denier Cri. Breda (NL), 2007. Artist list:  Le Denier Cri (Fr) - Barend van Hoek (NL) - Stef Lloyd Trumpstein (NL) - Luuk de Greef (NL) - Cerberus (NL) - Alexander Machiel (NL) - Cirque de Pepin (NL) - Jeroen de Leijer (NL) - Marc van Helburg (NL) - Crippa (DL) - Zeke s. Clough (UK) - Jan van Nuenen (NL) - Emile Zille (AUS) - Marc Heijmans & Martijn Hohman (NL) - Eduardo Bertone (SP)