GUCHAGUCHA.COM is an art collective based in Madrid created with Michiyo a.k.a ROJI (Japan). We created limited edition products to share our art!


Illustration for HI-HIRVI Clothing. In collaboration with GUCHAGUCHA

T-shirt design for a canadian soul singer, Kai Exos. The artwork represents TELEGRAPH´s song. FACEBOOK / ITUNES / - Kai Exos is an American-bred, Canadian-born singer with deeply rooted foundations in gospel music. As a young songwriter, a grade school teacher discovered his misplaced notebook scrawled with poetry and piano notation. Kai, encouraged by his own musically-talented Mother, began performing in church, rattling through his teenage years doing lo-fi rock covers in Miami, Seattle, Chicago and NYC. Collaborating in Toronto and Vancouver with award-winning producers and fellow musicians over a whirlwind Summer gave way to his first independent studio album, TELEGRAPH, described as Rock Soul.

Concept board: prison´s written walls, related with the albun´s song. 
TELEGRAPH ©2013, KAEM (SOCAN/ASCAP) - Written By Kai Exos

 Telegraph - Single - Kai Exos