Marker Illustration. 30cm x 42cm. Madrid 2005.

A collaborative exhibition featuring American and Spanish artists will be exhibited in Portland, Maine and Madrid, Spain. For the show -- “This Flat Earth / Esta Tierra Plana” -- artists from each country have created works on paper in response to the “flattening” of the earth,  from the colonial history between the two countries beginning with first contact, to the transformation of economic and cultural opportunities as a result of global interconnectivity. The exhibition was co-organized by Portland-based Tetra Projects and Madrid-based Rubicon1. Artists include: Anne Buckwalter, Borondo, Carrie Scanga, Cassie Jones, Ciril23, Colleen Kinsella, Chylo, Dingo Perro Mudo, Eduardo Bertone, Irene Blanco, Irina Skornyakova, Jeff Badger, Justin Richel, Kenny Cole, Kimberly Convery, Kyle Bryant, PinchoRBN, rHo, Rubicon1, Ruina, Seann Brackin, Sabek, ToñoZé Carrion, and Zuza. The artists were asked to create a single new work on a standardized vertical sheet of A3 paper in response to the concept of the exhibition. To view images of the work in the show, follow this link to the Tetra Projects Flickr page. The show opens at Embajadores con Provisiones in Madrid and then goes to Rose Contemporary in Portland.